Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Team

Bella Trio Studio is located in the American Tobacco Campus (ATC) in downtown Durham. The campus has been transformed into a one of a kind entertainment district, featuring many restaurants, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, DPAC, and plenty of open green space. This location features a spacious modern hair salon and intimate specialized spa area all focused on providing a peaceful moment in your busy day.


Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Stylists

Jarman, Aaron.JPEG

Stylist (Level 5)

Smith, Allie (Crop, Size).jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

Reing, Annie.JPEG

Stylist (Level 3)

Rivera Sharpe, Ashley.jpg

Stylist (Level 2)

Meganck, Cait.JPG

Stylist (Level 7) - ATC Salon Director

Blackwood, Cyndi (800_72).jpg

Stylist (Level 3)

Graham, Dallas (S).jpg

Stylist (Level 3)

Leiva-Ramos, Julia (Crop).jpg

Associate Stylist

Doerr, Lauryn.jpg

Stylist (Level 4) - ATC Salon Director

Misiewicz, Liz.JPEG

Stylist (Level 3)

Garza, Miranda.jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

Jacobs, Pelham.jpg

Stylist (Level 5)

Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Skin Therapists

Chang, Janine.jpg

Skin Therapist (Level 3) - Marketing Team

Hayes, Savannah.jpg

Skin Therapist (Level 1)

Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Massage Therapists

Miketa, Josey.JPEG

Massage Therapist (Level 2)

Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Guest Service Experts

Bascom, Cathy Location Manager.JPEG

Guest Expert - American Tobacco Director

Flynn, Morgan (BW Size).jpg

Guest Expert

Bella Trio Studio: Durham - Downtown Leadership Team

Richardson, Emily.jpg

General Manager

Kendall, Tim.jpg

Finance Director