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Ready to start 2022 with Bella Trio. We have put together a 30 Day Self Care Challenge to inspire you to put yourself at the top of your list. These challenges are small and do not require an endless budget and an empty calendar. Making small changes in the way your think, feel, eat, and rest can have a positive effect on your total...


Skincare is personal. Sometimes our skin appreciates what all we apply to it and how much we love it, but sometimes our skin could care less. Other times user error could get in the way of achieving our optimal skin health, so here are a few habits to break to achieve the healthiest skin possible!


The pool has seen its last cannonball for the year.

Pumpkin spice speciality drinks are here!

The air is getting crisp!

Fall has arrived, so now the fall hair transformations begin..

The top beauty searches for fall 2021 trends are fun and gorgeous. Our sources tell us that the big hits for fall hair colors are :Soft highlights for brunettes, brondes, reds, caramel, cinnamon and copper highlights, and bold highlights....


L’Oréal Professionnel recently revamped their Serie Expert packaging for a fresh look. Not only is it minimalistic and sleek, it’s functional. The new packaging is a small part of L’Oréal’s large efforts towards sustainable packaging, with more in the works!

The new bottles are made with recycled materials and are, likewise, recyclable. This means the amount of virgin materials are reduced and, instead, circulated for new containers....


You’ve probably heard this term thrown around at the hair salon, most notably, you’ve probably been asked if you’d like one with your appointment. Toner, gloss, and glaze are all the same thing but, depending on the salon, is called one of the three. At Bella Trio, Glaze treatments can be added as add-ons and be paired with any type of hair appointment.

So, What’s a Glaze?

Typically when coloring hair, especially...


Your experience at Bella Trio is always meant to be a relaxing one, which is why we keep our facial menu as simple as possible. A lot of times we get questions on the differences between our Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy facials, but let’s start with what they have in common.

Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy Similarities

Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy both come in 30- and...

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Say Hello to Erin

Welcome to Bella of the Month. Every month we will feature one service provider to give you the opportunity to get to know them better.

Meet Erin. She is originally from Fayetteville, NC and is an esthetician at our Sutton Station location. Go follow her on...

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Frizz is never fun to deal with and it’s a common hair concern for guests at Bella Trio. One of the root causes for frizzy hair on a hot, humid, summer day is that your hair really needs a thirst quench. When your hair is not properly hydrated, the cuticle will open up to seek out moisture from the air, which contributes to the look of frizzy hair. When observed under a microscope, open cuticles will appear rough and jagged. The jagged edges...

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Starting a skincare routine can be an intimidating project. To begin with, there are a lot of products out there and understanding skincare takes time. You also hear tons of different information about what to use, when, how to use it, or whether or not you should even consider it. No matter the reason, it’s important to take care of your skin because it tells you so much about your body and what’s going on inside of it. Your skin will tell...

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Did you know that more than 50% of Americans are employed by Small Businesses? In North Carolina there are...


Retinol is one of the anti-aging holy grails, alongside Vitamin C and sunscreen usage, yet oftentimes used the most intermittently. Misconceptions surrounding when and how to use retinol circulate on the Internet and people tend to discontinue use of retinol all together throughout summer, but that can do more harm than good for your anti-aging routine.

Retinol is a marathon, not a sprint, and should be used year-round to get all the...


Let's talk about our acclaimed deep conditioning HAIR TREATMENTS with L’Oréal Professionnel Serié Expert PowerMix.

Bella Trio stylists know that each person is unique and recognize that their hair care should be as well. Each person has a specific look they like to maintain and a certain shade of hair color that works to their favor. The L’Oréal Professionnel PowerMix Treatments provided at Bella Trio...