Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Team

Bella Trio Day Spa & Salon is an oasis set in the middle of the Triangle located less than two miles from the hustle and bustle of The Streets of Southpoint Mall.

With a contemporary Hair Salon at street level, our designers offer the latest styles and state-of-the-art techniques to create classic yet modern looks. Our second level is home to beautiful Day Spa which provides the latest skin, nail and body care treatments in a relaxing indulgent space.


Meet Our Team at Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP

Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Stylists

Harris, Ashleigh.JPG

Stylist (Level 4)

While I love the creativity and artistic side of being a hair stylist what really fulfills me is making people feel good about themselves. Having the opportunity to have one on one conversations with so many different people provides me with a new perspective of the world. I love that every...

Guggemos, Bridget.jpeg

Stylist (Level 4)

Building trust with my guests is my first focus. Next it is creating a comfortable environment. Then finally providing consistent results gives me the feeling of happiness. I have found inner freedom by spreading compassion and having a judgement free place for everyone to find escape in.

Bass, Brittany (S).jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

I believe everyone deserves to be heard and shown kindness and understanding. As a stylist I am able to be 100% present with my guests and make them feel like they are the only person in the room. Together we can make a difference in the way they feel about themselves on both the inside and...

Powell, Claire.JPEG

Stylist (Level 7) - Sutton Station Director

Combining the words creativity and career into one job was something I never dreamed possible. Becoming a Bella has allowed me to live this dream. I strive to create a safe environment for my guests and my team where we focus on bringing their inner beauty to the surface.

Gladki, Danielle (S).jpg

Associate Stylist

Sometimes we need a push to get out of our comfort zones and I have found that outside of that zone lies happiness. I believe that kindness and honesty are the foundations to helping people feel at peace in their quest to improving their self confidence and pushing past their limiting beliefs....

Foust, Haley.jpeg

Stylist (Level 4)

It is so much more than just hair. I love that this industry allows me to give back by making people feel good about themselves. My guests push me creatively every day and our bond allows us to make magic happen in the salon chair.

Johnson, Jenn (Size).jpg

Stylist (Level 3)

A cup of espresso gets me up in the morning, but the art of doing hair keeps me going everyday. I fell in love with watching people heal from hair. My goal is to take them on a journey by loving on their hair to empower them and help them see how amazing and unique we all are. I also find joy...

Dodds Jessie(2).jpg

Stylist (Level 6)

I started my love of the arts with ceramics, but it was missing something important, interacting with people. As a stylist I have the power to create change not only with my hands, but also with my words. My goal is to uplift my guests and treat them like family while we spend time together....

Galeazzo, Jodi.JPEG

Stylist (Level 6) - Events & Wedding Director

I have always known that I wanted to be a stylist and even though I only work with guests a couple of days a week I get to live my dream as both a stylist and a cosmetology instructor. I love having creative freedom to change their looks especially as the seasons change. I rate my success on the...

Dube, Renee.JPG

Stylist (Level 6) - Marketing Director

I live for that moment when I turn my guest around and they see themselves. As a hairstylist I have the honor of lifting people up and growing their self-confidence. My guests embrace my honesty and through earned trust in each other we create a comfortable experience. I am grateful for this...

Marsh, Sarah.jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

Bio Coming Soon!

Moore, Stephanie.JPG

Stylist (Level 6) - Education Director

I do not just need coffee in the morning I need to know I am going to do hair as well. It is part of who I am and not just what I do. The connections I have formed with people from all walks of life and all stages of life has brought me inner peace. I am blessed to be able to pass my love of...

Cook, Teresa.JPEG

Stylist (Level 6)

The word family is reflected in all aspects of my life. My family is at the core of who I am, but I am also blessed with my work family and my guests who are like family as well. Each day I get to interact with amazing people. Sometimes we chat and sometimes we relax in silence. I am lucky...


Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Skin Therapists

Kurtz, Anna.jpeg

Skin Therapist (Level 3)

Skin Therapy is more than just a thing or a job to me it is my life. My focus is the comfort of my guests both with the service and the ability to maintain their skin between visits. Every day I witness complete relaxation and trust from my guests which brings me inner peace and purpose.

Reyeros, Erika.JPG

Skin Therapist (Level 4)

Each day I enjoy creating honest connections with everyone I encounter. My Bella family gives me a hard time because my laugh can be heard across the entire spa. I believe we should give freely of our happiness because our energy can be a powerful tool in boosting someone’s self-confidence....

image0 (3).jpeg

Skin Therapist (Level 1)

I love that I can touch people's lives everyday by becoming part of their daily at home skincare routine. Spreading happiness and inspiration to everyone I encounter through beauty education is my goal. That education leads to implementation which creates results. I am here to make you look...

Best Estheitcian in Durham

Skin Therapist (Level 7)

Skincare transformed my life and helped me become confident and purse my best life. My drive every day is to pass that on to everyone I touch. Creating results is my passion and spreading knowledge with technical excellence is how I do it. I am grateful for my loyal guests who strive to meet...


Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Massage Therapists

Barg, Heidi.JPEG

Massage Therapist (Level 3)

Growing up I loved rubbing my mom’s shoulders. She would jokingly say you know one day you could get paid for doing this. Well, I followed her recommendation and my first day it clicked. Massage therapy is part of who I am. The ability to heal with compassion and give people comfort brings...

Vargo, Kristen.jpeg

Massage Therapist (Level 4) - Community Projects Director

My love for the human body and overall health and wellness in a relaxing and nurturing setting lead me into massage therapy. I live my life daily with a plan to be fulfilled and live a healthy life. This allows me to serve others and take care of them. The best part of our service options at...

Brady, Tim.jpg

Massage Therapist(Level 6)

I originally fell into massage therapy later in life as a new path was placed in front of me. What I never expected was to find a new passion created in me that fills me with joy. I never knew I was a people person. I realize now that the trust I develop with my guests and the ability to heal...


Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Guest Service Experts

Johnson, Hayden.jpg

Guest Expert

My goals are to spread positive thinking and confidence. As a former ballerina I have learned that feeling good about how you look starts with feeling good about your core self. No matter what my day may bring I am happy as long as I am spreading positivity and hope and always bringing people...

Mills, Joey GSE.jpg

Guest Service Expert - Facilities Director

I take my role of big brother very seriously. Supporting the service providers and helping the guests brings me a feeling of satisfaction. I am always there to provide a shoulder to cry on or a stupid dad joke when it is needed. Whether I am fixing a leaky pipe or hanging up a sign or...


Guest Service Expert - Staff Relations Director

I like to start my day with quite time in nature and center myself so when I arrive, I am ready to facilitate happiness. Being a part of a family-owned small business that supports its community and focuses on helping people to feel more self-confident and stronger has always been my dream. As...

Barile, Maya.jpg

Guest Expert

My dream is to one day become a stylist her at Bella Trio and being a part of the guest expert team allows me to learn about the beauty industry. My favorite part of my day is getting to hear about how our guests are doing and showing them how much they mean to us. My hope is that I leave...

Thiele, Rebecca GSE.jpg

Guest Service Expert - Guest Experience Director

Creating an elevated guest experience starts from the first time we connect whether it is on the phone or through email. I try to connect with our guests in a way that they know how much they mean to us. This company is not just a job it is family, and we all take care of each other which...


Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Leadership Team

Richardson, Emily.jpg

General Manager

Maintaining my Mom’s legacy of helping our community and providing a place where beauty professionals can have a successful career is at the core of why I love my career. Unfortunately, I don’t have a talent of creating beauty with my hands, but it is my goal to help my staff become the best...

Kendall, Tim.jpg

Finance Director

If Oz has the man behind the curtain, then Bella has the man behind the computer and that’s me. I never thought my love for spreadsheets and numbers would find me a home and family in the beauty industry, but I could not be happier. You might see me pop up to fix a computer or answer a...