Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Team

Bella Trio Day Spa & Salon is an oasis set in the middle of the Triangle located less than two miles from the hustle and bustle of The Streets of Southpoint Mall.

With a contemporary Hair Salon at street level, our designers offer the latest styles and state-of-the-art techniques to create classic yet modern looks. Our second level is home to beautiful Day Spa which provides the latest skin, nail and body care treatments in a relaxing indulgent space.


Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Stylists

Harris, Ashleigh.JPG

Stylist (Level 5)

Guggemos, Bridget.jpeg

Stylist (Level 4)

Bass, Brittany (S).jpg

Stylist (Level 3)

Stanley, Cheyenne.jpg

Associate Stylist

Powell, Claire.JPEG

Stylist (Level 7) - Sutton Salon Director

Gladki, Danielle (S).jpg

Stylist (Level 2)

Blalock, Elizabeth (Crop).jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

Foust, Haley.jpeg

Stylist (Level 5)

Johnson, Jenn (Size).jpg

Stylist (Level 3)

Dodds Jessie(2).jpg

Stylist (Level 6)

Galeazzo, Jodi.JPEG

Stylist (Level 6) - Events & Wedding Director

Dube, Renee.JPG

Stylist (Level 6) - Marketing Director

Marsh, Sarah.jpg

Stylist (Level 1)

Moser, Shelton.jpeg

Stylist (Level 1)

Moore, Stephanie.JPG

Stylist (Level 6) - Education Director

Cook, Teresa.JPEG

Stylist (Level 6)

Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Skin Therapists

Kurtz, Anna.jpeg

Skin Therapist (Level 4)

Reyeros, Erika.JPG

Skin Therapist (Level 5)

Vargo, Kristen.jpeg

Skin Therapist (Level 1), Massage Therapist (Level 6)

Brown, Marci (Crop B&W).jpg

Skin Therapist (Level 1)

Flynn, Morgan (BW Size).jpg

Skin Therapist (Level 1)

Best Estheitcian in Durham

Skin Therapist (Level 8)

Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Massage Therapists

Barg, Heidi.JPEG

Massage Therapist (Level 5)

Vargo, Kristen.jpeg

Massage Therapist (Level 6), Skin Therapist (Level 1)

Brady, Tim.jpg

Massage Therapist (Level 8)

Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Guest Service Experts

Paquette, Amanda.jpg

Sutton Location Director

Richards, Chandler.jpg

Guest Expert

Jones, Joanna.jpg

Guest Expert

Mills, Joey GSE.jpg

Guest Expert - Facilities Director

Barile, Maya.jpg

Content Creator/Social Media Expert

Placencia, Sara.jpeg

Guest Expert

Bella Trio Salon & Spa: Durham - RTP Leadership Team

Richardson, Emily.jpg

General Manager

Kendall, Tim.jpg

Finance Director