Skincare Habits that Could Be Costing You

Skincare is personal. Sometimes our skin appreciates what all we apply to it and how much we love it, but sometimes our skin could care less. Other times user error could get in the way of achieving our optimal skin health, so here are a few habits to break to achieve the healthiest skin possible!

Touching the Dropper to Your Skin

Letting the serum dropper touch your skin is a big no-no. Doing so can allow bacteria to grow inside your bottle of serum and make it go bad much sooner than you’d like. Instead, drop serums into the palm of your hands or directly to your face without touching your skin.

Saving Your “Good Stuff” for Later

Use it up! Once opened, your skincare is on a clock and will expire anywhere from 3-24 months after opening–the information can be found on the back of the container. By using your products immediately, you reap all the benefits and can feel satisfied knowing you finished the bottle.

Showering in the Wrong Order

This may sound strange, but showering in the wrong order can have an effect on your skin. If it’s a hair washing night, be sure to wash, condition, and mask your hair first, then cleanse your skin as usual, followed by body. By washing from top to bottom, you can prevent hair conditioner and mask from sticking to your face and potentially causing breakouts.

Exfoliating Only the Center of Your Face

This one is more common than you think! Be sure to pay attention to the perimeter of your face and exfoliate your hairline, out by the ears, and down your jaw and neck area. When your skin is darker in these areas of your face, that could be a sign that the center of your face has been the focal point of your exfoliation, so be sure to give these areas some love.

Thinking Sunscreen is Only for Summer

The sun and UV rays work year-round, 365 days a year, and so should your sunscreen. Sunscreen is absolutely necessary in protecting the work you put into your skincare and preventing certain cancers. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen should be worn to best protect your skin.

If you’re new to skincare, check out our post on building a skincare routine and use these tips to improve your skin!

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