Our Favorite Products to Combat Maskne

Acne is never fun to treat, but when you achieve clear skin, it’s the ultimate reward! Although mask requirements are becoming less frequent in certain spaces, people are still dealing with maskne and how to treat it.

If you’re not familiar with maskne, it’s acne caused by wearing a mask. Having a piece of fabric rubbing the skin along the jawline, chin, nose, and parts of the cheeks can contribute to clogging pores and causing breakouts that would otherwise not be there. In addition to the added friction, the summer humidity and heat makes matters even worse.

In treating acne, it’s typically best to start with your basics and use an acne-clearing system. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out what products to use for your skin and allows all the products to work towards the goal of clearing your skin of acne! Using an acne-clearing system also ensures your skin won’t get overly dry and stays conditioned for optimal skin healing.

At Bella Trio, we carry Bioelements and Skinceuticals to help your skin get into optimal shape. Bioelements has a more concrete acne-clearing system to help you achieve clear skin, whereas Skinceuticals is more abstract and provides a guideline for different products you can use.


Bioelements Acne Clearing System:

Cleanse | Spotless Cleanser

Tone | Acne Toner

Treat | Breakout Control

Condition / Calm | Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum

Moisturize | Oxygenation

Mask | Amino Mask (not pictured)


Skinceuticals Acne-Clearing Products:

Cleanse | LHA Cleanser, Simply Clean

Tone | LHA Solution, Conditioning Solution

Antioxidant | Silymarin CF, Phloretin CF

Treat | Blemish + Age Defense

Condition / Calm | Phyto Corrective Gel

Moisturize | Hydrating B5 Gel, Face Cream

Mask | Clarifying Clay Masque

When treating acne, it’s also extremely important to protect your skin from UV rays. Typically acne-targeting skincare will have alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and/or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which will sensitize your skin to the sun. Learn about protecting your skin from UV rays here.

If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, you’ll want to avoid certain ingredients while targeting acne. To learn more about treating acne, speak to any of our estheticians for a more in-depth skincare analysis.

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