Skin Therapy, Reparative Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Your experience at Bella Trio is always meant to be a relaxing one, which is why we keep our facial menu as simple as possible. A lot of times we get questions on the differences between our Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy facials, but let’s start with what they have in common.

Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy Similarities

Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy both come in 30- and 60-minute time frames, in order to help you relax and receive a treatment that fits your schedule. Your esthetician will always do a consultation before any facial service, in order to get to know you and your skin better, as well as, perform a skin analysis to see what condition your skin is in. All facial treatments at Bella Trio are bespoke and tailored to your skin and your needs and your esthetician will teach you how to care for your skin, ex. How best to treat acne at home. 60-minute Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy, both, include deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial mask treatment, customized serums, and a moisture treatment. After each facial, you’ll feel refreshed in more ways than you can imagine.

Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy Differences

A Skin Therapy typically focuses more on the relaxation aspect of a facial. Skin Therapies are the perfect option for a first-timer, as it can help introduce the world of facials and its relaxing abilities to someone. If your facial muscles are tense, a Skin Therapy would be a better option, as your esthetician can focus more on massaging those muscles to help smooth out any tightness in the face. Aromatherapeutic massages are also included in a Skin Therapy, in order to induce deep breathing and help relax the senses. It’s also the more suitable option for someone who is new to Bella Trio and haven’t experienced the products sold at Bella Trio. A Skin Therapy would allow for the perfect introduction of Bioelements and Skinceuticals products to someone’s skin.

Reparative Therapies allow for more modalities to be introduced into the facial. If someone is interested in a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, a Reparative Therapy would replace a regular exfoliant with a more specialized form of exfoliation. Because Reparative Therapies can be more intense, facial massages are not always included, in order to prevent over-stimulation of the skin. Reparative Therapies also include less invasive treatments, like LED Light Therapy, Cryotherapy, and High Frequency. These specialized treatments also come with more contraindications, or reasons why a treatment cannot be performed on an individual. Definitely consult with your esthetician about your medical history and any health conditions you may have to ensure you get the most optimal treatment for your skin goals.

Which Facial is Best for Me?

If you’re new to Bella Trio, a Skin Therapy is the better option when booking your facial service. This allows your esthetician to introduce the skincare products to your skin, first, before doing more intensive treatment. Reparative Therapies are best scheduled after the initial facial. It’s the perfect service for someone hoping to correct and condition their skin in a more advanced manner. Because our facials are all customized, your esthetician can help treat serious discoloration and hyperpigmentation, reduce acne and breakouts, calm inflamed or compromised skin, or alleviate the looks of lines and wrinkles. A Skin Therapy can achieve these results over time, a Reparative Therapy will get you to the finish line a little sooner.

We simplify our facial menu to allow for customizations because we know everyone’s skin changes month-to-month. Having two facial menu services also helps prevent any confusion when booking facials online and creates a better booking experience. So there you have it, the differences between Skin Therapy and Reparative Therapy. The next question to ask yourself: 30-minutes or 60-minutes?

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