Check Out Our February Featured Bellas

We are excited to help you get to know our February Featured Bellas: Emily, Lauryn, and Aaron. We enjoy celebrating our outstanding team, their dedication, talent, and passion make Bella Trio the Salon and Spa we want it to be for our community.

Emily, our amazing general manager oversees all three of our locations, Bella Trio Salon and Spa, Bella Trio Studio, and Bella Terra. With her leadership and expertise, our salons continue to thrive and provide exceptional service to our clients. She is also the middle sister in the “Bella Trio” family. Emily is not only a successful businesswoman but also a proud NICU preemie mom. Her journey has made her a warrior in managing her business and taking care of her little one. Apart from her professional and family life, Emily has a few hobbies and passions that keep her balanced. She absolutely loves to cook but sadly, she is not great at baking since she doesn’t like to measure or follow directions, which is crucial in the art of baking. She grew up as a theater kid and dreamt of moving to NYC to be on Broadway. Emily also has a secret passion and skill that she excels in - makeup. She loves experimenting with different looks and is a pro at creating fun and bold makeup styles. Her creativity shines through in this passion and it’s a skill that she enjoys investing time in whenever she can. Emily is a multi-faceted woman who demonstrates her strength and creativity in the various aspects of her life, making her truly inspiring.

Lauryn is a talented stylist and salon director at Bella Trio Studio in Downtown Durham. Lauryn is not your average hair stylist. She brings a unique and adventurous spirit to her work, evident from her background as a stunt motorcyclist and her bold choice to rock a mohawk for five years when she lived in Texas. Lauryn is a warm and friendly presence at Bella Trio, where she has been for the past 12 years. She has a passion for making her clients feel beautiful and confident, and her creativity knows no bounds when it comes to hair styling. One interesting fact about Lauryn is that she has never been out of the country. When she's not busy creating beautiful hairstyles, Lauryn can often be found sipping on her favorite drink, Dr Pepper. If you're looking for a stylist who brings a combination of talent, passion, and a little bit of edge to the salon chair, Lauryn at Bella Trio is your go-to. You can book with her online. With her years of experience and adventurous spirit, you can trust that you'll leave her chair feeling fabulous and ready to take on the world, one hair flip at a time.

Aaron is a brilliant stylist at Bella Trio Downtown Durham. Not only is he great at creating the perfect hair shape using geometry, but he is also a huge Star Trek fan. When he's not at the salon, Aaron is likely in his garden, tending to his beloved plants. His love for gardening and plant life is evident in the way he cares for his own collection of greenery. And when he's not in the garden, he's in the kitchen where his pasta maker can be found. In addition to his love for cooking and plants, Aaron is also addicted to the news. Staying informed about current events is important to him. However, when he wants to unwind, he enjoys delving into psychological horror movies (but not ones with excessive gore). Despite his busy schedule, Aaron still manages to read a book a month, demonstrating his love for learning and expanding his mind. And if he had the choice, he would happily live in the mountains, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. So, if you're looking for a stylist who is not only skilled at his craft but also passionate about various hobbies and interests, look no further than Aaron at Bella Trio Downtown Durham. Schedule a visit to see him.