9 Gorgeous Fall Hair Trends

The pool has seen its last cannonball for the year.

Pumpkin spice speciality drinks are here!

The air is getting crisp!

Fall has arrived, so now the fall hair transformations begin..

The top beauty searches for fall 2021 trends are fun and gorgeous. Our sources tell us that the big hits for fall hair colors are :Soft highlights for brunettes, brondes, reds, caramel, cinnamon and copper highlights, and bold highlights. The fun new fall haircuts for women are: Bobs, Textured bangs, Curtain bangs, subtle layers, contouring layers and textured lobs. Yes it sounds like a lot to choose from but we are having fun with these trends.

1 - Contouring Layers.jpg

Contouring Layers

The “hit just right layers”, yes we are talking about long blended layers that hit every angle of your face to contour it perfectly. Haley did perfectly here.

2 - Cinnamon Color.jpg

Cinnamon Color

Can you really have Cinnamon highlights? Lydia created this balayage and glaze you are most certainly going to turn heads with your new fall color. A glaze is important to maintain this beautiful cinnamon color.

3 - Bronde Highlights.jpg

Bronde Highlights

Bronde Highlights for that perfect balance between blonde and brown. This is also a great choice to transition from your summer blonde like Renee’s guest enjoyed.

4 - Textured LOB.jpg

Textured LOB

Textured LOB’s are in and no they are not the mom cut. This LOB looks great with balayage highlights. Cait nailed this look.

  • 5A - Red Hair Cait.jpg
  • 5B - Red Hair Pelham.jpg
  • 5C - Red Hair Renee1.jpg
  • 5D - Red Hair Renee2.jpg
  • 5A - Red Hair Cait.jpg
  • 5B - Red Hair Pelham.jpg
  • 5C - Red Hair Renee1.jpg
  • 5D - Red Hair Renee2.jpg

Red Hair Don't Care

Red! All the reds are in this year and we are seeing more and enjoy getting to personalize each shade of red.

6 - Textured Bob.jpg

Textured Bob

Bobs with a little texture at the bottom seem to be continuing this season. Cait made this bob so sassy.

7 - Caramel Balayage.jpg

Caramel Balayage

Nothing says sweet like Caramel balayage. Unfortunately, it's the sweet you can't eat. Bridgette accented her balayage with gorgeous beach waves.

8 - Curtain Bangs.jpg

Curtain Bangs

You know what's not disappearing? Curtain bangs!!! When you add subtle layers in, it just completes the look. Haley perfectly added the barely there layers.

  • 9A - Bold Highlights Renee.jpg
  • 9B - Bold Highlights Annie.jpg

Bold Highlights, AKA Chunky Highlights

Bold highlights are making a comeback, but they are soft yet bold. Some say stripy or chunky highlights but the best description would be bold highlights like these.

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