Toner, Gloss, Glaze: Is It Necessary?

You’ve probably heard this term thrown around at the hair salon, most notably, you’ve probably been asked if you’d like one with your appointment. Toner, gloss, and glaze are all the same thing but, depending on the salon, is called one of the three. At Bella Trio, Glaze treatments can be added as add-ons and be paired with any type of hair appointment.

So, What’s a Glaze?

Typically when coloring hair, especially darker hair tones, the undertones are warmer and need correcting, which is where a glaze comes in. A glaze is a quick hair treatment meant to balance any unwanted color from your hair. Your stylist uses Color Theory in order to mix the perfect glaze for your hair and utilizes the complimentary color to get the perfect tone. A glaze is most often beneficial for anyone going blonde, be it blonde highlights, blonde face framing, or all-over blonde, as it helps neutralize brassiness and unwanted warm undertones. It gently manipulates the color for, overall, brighter hair. Glazes also help with hair porosity issues and creates a smoothing effect for shinier hair. For non-natural blondes, it can help create a more natural tone that looks effortless.

Glazes can be used on other hair colors and can make the difference between an ash brown vs a warm brown. Even bronde hair could benefit from a glaze.

When Should I Get a Glaze?

Glazes can be added to nearly all hair appointments and are the perfect addition to bring your hair to the next level. You can get a glaze in between color appointments to keep up the vibrancy of your hair. Depending on how often you color your hair, we suggest getting a glaze every 4-6 weeks, or around the half-way point to your next appointment (ex. 10 week color appointments, get a glaze around 5 weeks in).

Glazes can be easily lifted from the hair, so don't worry about it affecting your color treatments. 3 weeks prior to your color appointment would be the closest we recommend, which will allow you to still enjoy your glaze treatment.

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