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6 Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizz is never fun to deal with and it’s a common hair concern for guests at Bella Trio. One of the root causes for frizzy hair on a hot, humid, summer day is that your hair really needs a thirst quench. When your hair is not properly hydrated, the cuticle will open up to seek out moisture from the air, which contributes to the look of frizzy hair. When observed under a microscope, open cuticles will appear rough and jagged. The jagged edges tangle in each other, which is also why it may be a bit more difficult to brush your hair. On the flip side of that, when hair is properly hydrated, the cuticle will lay flat and smooth.

Taming frizz is very personal and each person requires a different amount of thirst quenching to really satisfy the hair, so here are 6 tips to taming frizzy hair:

Trim Regularly

Haircuts when you’re trying to grow out your hair seem unproductive, but they’re necessary for frizz reduction! Remember those open, jagged cuticles? They’re tangling themselves in your other hair strands, which furthers the damage to your hair. Frizz will cause more frizz and split ends will travel up the hair and split the hair even further. Keeping regular haircuts or trims, will ensure the health of your hair and prevent damage.

Keep the Showers Warm

Hot showers are absolutely the most relaxing part of the day. The only problem is that they’re also the most damaging part of the day. Lower your shower temperature a bit to prevent hair damage and help repair frizzy hair. When the temperature is too high, the hair cuticle will expand more than it should, which contributes to frizzier, drier hair.

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The Right Products Make All the Difference

Taking a look at the ingredients list on a product will make all the difference in getting to know your hair and what it likes! Products containing alcohol will typically dry out the hair too much and silicone can coat the hair like glue, which prevents moisture from getting to the cuticle.

Conditioning and masking your hair is, especially, important in your hair care routine. A mask should be utilized every third shampoo for maximum effects and a PowerMix can be added to your hair appointments to help prolong those results.

Heat protectant is a must-use product when styling your hair, even if you aren’t using any hot tools, and hot tools should not exceed 400 degrees. Just remember, if you can bake with that temperature, you shouldn’t try styling your hair with it.

Try Silk or Microfiber Linens

You might not realize it, but your beloved pillowcase can cause friction during the night. Friction causes frizz, so in lieu of a regular pillowcase, try silk or satin. Another one you should consider replacing is your regular hair towel. Instead of a terry cloth towel, try a microfiber towel and see the difference it makes.

Smooth Out Frizz

When all else fails there are still a couple tricks you can use. Try a pomade or hair spray to smooth out any unwanted frizz. L’Oreal Professionnel Architecture and L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium 3 are lightweight and effective options we recommend.

Embrace the Curls

When the humidity is high, try embracing your curls. Starting your frizz hair care from the beginning of your routine will make a huge difference. The Surface Curls line specializes in hydrating curly hair that could otherwise be frizzy. It’s a great option to help every curly girl, whether you’re going au naturel or flat ironing that day. With the right products and tools, your curls can look fabulous while everyone else is fighting the frizz from the humidity.


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