Our unique customized service menu brings the focus to you the guest and what you need. Our services are booked by amount of time requested and if your focus is relaxation or correction of issues. One of the core values of our company is education and our service providers are trained on all the current and advanced techniques available in their field. Plus, each treatment space contains the products and equipment needed to immediately customize your experience based on a thorough consultation and plan to reach your goals. Traditional spa menus can be overwhelming and under perform in reaching goals and we are excited to offer this customized approach and provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

  • - Offered at Bella Trio Salon & Spa and Bella Trio Studio
  • - Not offered at Bella Terra


Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy - 71+

- 30 Minutes

Skin Therapy - 103+

- 60 Minutes

Teen Skin Therapy - 81+

- 45 Minutes

Reparative Skin Therapy - 81+

- 30 Minutes

Reparative Skin Therapy - 129+

- 60 Minutes

Reparative Skin Therapy - 188+

- 90 Minutes

Ultimate Skin Therapy - 167+

- 60 Minutes

Advanced Skin Therapy - 210+

- Customized Time