What's A Money Piece?

Everyone in Durham is asking their hairstylists for the highly talked about “Money Piece”. So, what is a money piece?

In the world of hairstyling, a money piece refers to a specific technique used to highlight the face. It involves adding bold, bright strands of color around the hairline, framing features, and drawing attention to your most striking aspects. These face-framing highlights can be any color, from vibrant reds to shimmering blondes or even bold blues and purples. The key is that your hairstylist enhances your natural beauty, brings a radiant glow to your complexion, and makes your entire look appear effortlessly stylish.


The money piece is versatile and works with both long and short hair, dark and light hair, or colored, highlighted and natural hair. Its purpose is to create a visual impact, transforming a regular haircut into something extraordinary. Whether it's a sleek bob or luscious waves, the money piece can elevate any style and make everyone want to know which salon in North Carolina you went to.

So, next time you hear the term "money piece" being used in the context of hair, remember its magical power to enhance and transform. Maybe it should be called a power piece.

Our Stylists at all three salons in North Carolina (Hillsborough, RTP, and Downtown Durham) are highly trained in making these pieces the looks and tones that you are looking for. Check out the featured stylist's Instagram pages to find your favorite look - Cait, Haley, Bridgette B. - and then go online and book your appointment right here.

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