New Product - Pro Longer

Have you ever said or thought “I want long hair, but everytime it grows out the ends are not full and look very stringy.” L’Oreal created the answer for this and we have it in the salon NOW. Now it is possible for you to have Long Healthy Thicker Hair.

We Have What You Need!

Your dreams have come true for that fantastic mermaid hair.


How It Works

How on earth did they do it? Well the scientists created a filler to thicken those long ends with tons of nutrients and amino acids your ends have been craving. This service starts in the salon and is continued at home. This is good for all hair types.

Yup I Said It! Long Healthy Colored/Highlighted Hair.

This is going to be a game changer for many including myself. The whole Serie Expert Pro Longer line is in the salon now waiting for you!. Ask your stylist about Pro Longer at your next appointment. Do you think you might be interested in this line but don’t have a stylist, Book an appointment and get hooked up with a stylist to give you a complimentary consultation.


Pro Longer Treatment

The Treatment in the salon will be done at a Shampoo cut style appointment or just a Shampoo Style appointment. Your stylist will mist your dry hair and apply the concentrate, followed by shampooing with the Prolonger shampoo and masque.What you do at home builds off the foundation created in the salon.

You will need the Shampoo, conditioner or masque, the filler, and the leave in cream. PS, aren’t the colors of the bottles absolutely gorgeous.

long-hair-blog6-min-e1598892615675 (1).jpg

Homework After Your Visit To The Salon

Shampoo twice with Pro Longer Shampoo, first to clean your hair and the second time will treat your hair to all of the goodness inside this great new technology.

Condition with Pro Longer Length Renewing Conditioner or Masque, depending on what your stylist recommends for you. It has all of the same great “vitamins” for your hair that the shampoo does and it helps the hair to become smoother and more shiny.

Follow your stylist recommendations for the home version of the treatment in between appointments with your stylist.

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