Level Up Taylor!

“Building better futures that focus on financial security and happiness is part of our core values at Bella Trio. Everytime one of our service providers reaches their goals that focus on the guest experience we get to celebrate them. My heart swells with pride and hope as I watch my Bella family better their best and reach their goals. I am blessed to be surrounded with passionate, caring and talented people everyday.” -Emily


Congratulations Taylor!!

Taylor Is Now A Bella Level 2 Stylist

Taylor graduated from Leons Cosmetology and joined the Bella team in October 2019. She has been a great addition to the Bella Family. When I asked Taylor why she loves working with hair she had a list. I really love hearing people love their job.

“Most of all I love making connections with my guests. The smile or right now their “smeyes” when I am finished is a tie with the connections. It is really satisfying to do a total transformation on a guest. I love being the person a guest can come to and they are confident and trust me to give the look they want, while being relaxed, pampered and just really well taken care of.” -Taylor

Taylor’s Work

Are you excited to make an appointment and meet Taylor? Book an appointment now. Are you already one of Taylor’s guests? The best compliment is a review, if you have a moment she would love for you to review your time with her!

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