Check Out Our November Featured Bellas

Let me proudly introduce you to Bridgette B! She can be found at our Hillsborough location. It's always fun to learn interesting tidbits about each other, so I thought I'd share five fascinating facts about Bridgette:

  • She is a proud mother to the most amazing little girl who fills her days with joy and laughter. Being a mom has truly been a transformative experience for her!
  • Her furry family member, Emerald James, is the sweetest and most lovable golden doodle you'll ever meet. He brings an abundance of happiness to her home.
  • She will soon be marrying the love of her life. Wedding planning has been an incredible journey, and she can't wait to embark on this new chapter!
  • As a caffeine enthusiast, iced coffee is her go-to beverage. It keeps her energized throughout the day while providing a deliciously refreshing kick!
  • Yes, she is guilty as charged! Shopping is her ultimate guilty pleasure. She enjoys exploring new trends, discovering unique finds, and supporting local businesses whenever possible.

It's time to get to know Marci a little better! She is an esthetician at our Sutton Station location. Here are 5 random facts her:

  • She comes from a big, loving family! We are sure her family gatherings are always a blast!
  • She a shopaholic! There's something about exploring retail therapy that brings her immense joy.
  • Her family actually nicknamed her "Moo Moo”. Don't we all have those cool nicknames?
  • Burgers and fries are her absolute weakness! A perfectly juicy burger accompanied by crispy, golden fries is pure bliss for her taste buds. Indulgence at its finest!
  • She is a proud owner of Mookie, her super energetic pup!

Haley is incredible! She currently works at Bella's Sutton Station and Hillsborough locations. Lets get to know her with 5 interesting facts:

  • First and foremost, she is a proud momma of two beautiful children. They are the absolute light of her life, and she treasures every moment spent with them.
  • She also has a lovely beagle named Dolly. She brings so much joy into her home.
  • Now, here's something a little unusual. She actually dislikes peanut butter, but is a huge fan of Reese! Who would have thought?
  • One of her biggest dreams is to appear on Family Feud. She absolutely love the show and can't help but imagine how fun it would be to compete with her family, but what family would she bring “work family” or “blood related family”.
  • Finally, she has been a part of Bella since she was 20 years old. Bella Trio has watched her grow into the amazing person she is today.