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Check Out Our December Featured Bellas

Meet our Featured Bellas for December! We are excited to introduce you to three of our talented and unique team members who bring their own flavor to Bella Trio. From their hobbies to their backgrounds, our Featured Bellas are here to give you a glimpse into what makes them sparkle both in and out of the salon.

First up, we have Pelham, a stylist at the downtown location. Pelham is a connoisseur of good food and wine, and can provide recommendations for any cuisine you’d like to try in the triangle. He also has a soft spot for his bulldog mix, Mildred, and is trained in classical singing. With a passion for traveling, Pelham aspires to see the world and experience new cultures. Whether he’s styling hair or singing a tune, Pelham brings a creative and adventurous energy to Bella Trio. Follow Pelham on Instagram.

Next, we have Maya, our content creator and front desk specialist, who is the force behind many of our reels. Maya has a twin brother and is adopted, adding a layer of depth to her already intriguing story. Standing at 4’11, Maya has danced on the Seahawks field, and has even spent a night sleeping in a canoe on the lake. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Maya's creativity and spunk shine through her work and her personality. She also has a goal of becoming TikTok famous with her coworker, Brittany Bass, showing her fun and ambitious nature. View Maya’s content on Instagram.

Lastly, Allison, a stylist at our downtown location, rounds out our December Featured Bellas. Allison enjoys keeping her hands busy with knitting and cross-stitching, showcasing her attention to detail and creativity outside of the salon. Starting her career at the young age of 19, she has a great love for musical theater and Broadway, as well as animals. A former softball player, Allison is no stranger to teamwork and dedication, qualities that also shine through in her work at Bella Trio. Follow Allison on Instagram.

Each of our Featured Bellas brings a diverse set of passions and experiences to the Bella Trio team, adding depth and character to our salon community. From Pelham’s love of travel and singing, to Maya’s adventurous spirit and creative ambition, to Allison’s artistic hobbies and love for theater, our team is as vibrant and unique as the clients we serve. We are proud of the talent and individuality that our Featured Bellas bring to Bella Trio, and we can’t wait for you to experience their magic firsthand. Thank you for getting to know our December Featured Bellas—stay tuned for more to come in the months ahead!