Bikini, Brazilian, Tahitian: What’s the Difference?

Getting a bikini wax for the first time can definitely be intimidating, especially when the lingo isn’t familiar. It’s akin to the first time you purchase a drink at Starbucks.

“Tall? Venti? What are those?”

Although it can be a little rough at first, here’s a handy guide to knowing the difference between a bikini, brazilian, and tahitian waxes.

Realize that just because there are three main options, doesn’t mean that those are the only options. The beauty of bikini waxes is that they can be customizable. Some people like to take their bikini waxes in a little further than just two finger widths, some like to avoid waxing the back end for their brazilians, or even leaving the sides for their brazilians, it’s all preference!

Bikini waxes are definitely not to be feared and can actually become a painless affair. Look forward to tips for a painless bikini wax experience.


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