9 Ways To Protect Your Hair & Skin This Summer

Well Hello Summer!

Give me sunshine, beach trips, pool days, and all of the other fun that summer brings. Oh wait, can I keep my hair healthy and gorgeous and keep my skin glowing the same. Ok, we know that if we want to take part in all the fun that summer has to offer we will have some extra steps when it comes to our hair and skin. I mean we invested time and money in our hair already this year, we may as well take care of our investment.


You have taken care of your skin all year long. Don’t stop now!. You need sunscreen every day! Janine goes into full detail on this blog about SPF . It doesn’t hurt to mention that if you have light, fine and/or thin hair add a little sunscreen on your scalp to reduce the chance of sunburn.

Block The Sun From Your Hair & Scalp

Protecting your scalp from the sun is easy to do and it can be cute and sassy too. Add a cute umbrella or hat to your beach or pool arsenal. You know we all have cute bags for the pool and I am sure we can all find room for a hat too. Christy loves to protect her great color and her scalp hat is super cute.


Get The Right Products For Your Beach And Pool Days

The sunshine we want so much may cause your color to fade and dull, while also making it dry and damaged. Stephanie swears by grabbing some Vitamino 10 in 1 to block the UV rays and to keep your color from fading. It also adds shine, softness, smoothness, detangles, makes it easier to blow dry, reduces breakage, smooth split ends, helps reduce frizz, and protects your hair from heat stylers up to 450 degrees (Please, oh please don’t say you have something that gets hotter than that.)

Yes girl, you can get all of that from one product. Did I mention it also smells amazing. You can even grab a travel size and just keep it in your pool or beach bag. Your hair gets damaged and dull from the pool and ocean water. So you are totally going to be surprised when I tell you this. Your hair is like a sponge and soaks up all of the water you drench it with. Whether it is chlorine or saltwater it is not good for your hair. This is a simple fix with multiple options:

You can spray your hair down with the Vitamino 10 in 1 spray that you added to your pool bag when I told you it is going to protect your color.

You can totally saturate your hair with clean water.

This one is my personal favorite, and actually the one I use the most. I have a magic mixture in a spray bottle and I saturate my hair before getting in the water. What is the magic mixture, it is half conditioner and half water. Please let me add, this is a cheap conditioner that I choose based on the smell. It has to smell good if I am going to keep putting it in my hair. The conditioner is going to be shampooed out so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Don’t Shampoo Too Much

You may have to shampoo more because your hair is getting oily faster. Don’t worry you aren’t doing anything wrong this is normal, the sweat and the sunscreen is the likely culprit. I know you may want to shampoo every day, but before you jump in the shower without a shampoo cap try a couple other ways to get rid of the extra oil first. Morning After Dust is a great dry shampoo that when used correctly should help you get another day or two out of your hair you just washed.

Careful With The Ponytails

Be careful putting your hair up. Your hair stretches when it is wet, so if you put it in a tight ponytail then you may cause even more breakage. As your hair dries it becomes less “stretchy” and if you put it up tightly it has no choice to break.


Healthy Foods And Hydration

Summer is when all of the veggies and fruits are exploding everywhere. Enjoy them and your hair and skin will reap the benefits of all of the extra vitamins. Summer is hot and we know we need to hydrate our bodies, but our skin and hair benefits from being appropriately hydrated also. Grab a Hydro Flask and carry nice cool water around everywhere you go.

Give Your Hair A Treat

Reward your hair with a nightly drink of Anti breakage night treatment. As you add lotion to your skin you can sleep in a face mask and there is even a night treatment you can add to your hair. You can keep it on your bedside table if you want and run the wonderful smelling on your ends before bed.