3 Tips From A Massage Therapist For Your Home Office

Are you working from home? Working from home has become more common. Without knowing if and when people will head back into their offices I asked Tim for some quick tips to make sure you are still taking care of your body.


Keep The Couch For TV Time

Having a desk at home to work from is an important part of protecting your back. Ideally you would have a desk that can convert to from Standing to Sitting. The kitchen table, your bed or the couch are not the best long term desks.


Take Home Your Unused Chair At The Office

Many people are not sitting in a supportive chair at home. Tim recommends purchasing or borrowing a real desk chair that gives your back the support it needs while you are working. He says many of his guests have taken their “nice” chairs that are sitting in their empty offices home to use.


Set A Timer

You are not alone if you find yourself sitting for longer periods of time, I mean “Mary” isn’t telling you what her 2 year old said last night in the break room. Tim says you should set a timer on your phone or the egg time sitting in your kitchen to remind yourself to get up and walk around. When your timer goes off, get up and walk around and get distracted a little, like you would in the office in the break room when you were refilling your coffee or water bottle. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean that you should not have a coffee or water break.


Finally Tim would like to leave you with this, “I can’t stress enough, stretch, Stretch, STRETCH!”

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