American Tobacco Campus

Bella Trio Studio is located in the American Tobacco Campus (ATC) in downtown Durham. The campus has been transformed into a one of a kind entertainment district, complete with apartments and offices. ATC also features many restaurants, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, DPAC, and plenty of open green space, all under the iconic Lucky Strike smokestack

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Meet Our Team at American Tobacco Campus

American Tobacco Campus Stylists

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I lead with compassion and honesty when forming relationships. My desire is to contribute to our community by showing kindness and gaining your confidence. I create great hair that you do not have to think about and is customized for what looks best on you. All you need to do is sit back...

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Our outward appearance influences our inner peace and the energy we put out into the world. I love having the opportunity to improve someone’s outward beauty and shift their energy. Using love and knowledge to help my guests feel their best and radiate positivity fulfills me.

Meganck, Cait.JPG

Stylist - ATC Salon Co-Director

It is an honor to be part of my guests lives. We have cried together and laughed together all because we create honest connections and build trust in each other. I want to share my passion for hair and makeup with the people around me. I live to have a positive impact on everyone I meet and...

Denson, Kyndall.JPEG

Stylist - Extension Specialist - Education Team

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I had an extreme passion for the beauty industry. I started my career braiding hair at recess and coloring hair in my bathroom and I haven’t looked back since. My passion for not only hair but people exploded when I began working with extensions and...

Doerr, Lauryn.jpg

Stylist - ATC Salon Co-Director

The opportunity to change people’s perspective of themselves drives me to create growth and change in myself and my guests. I enjoy my focused time creating connections with earning loyalty. We always uplift each other and then pass that feeling on to the community around us.

Misiewicz, Liz.JPEG


You could describe me as unique, quirky, and sassy, but underneath all that is a heart bigger than most. I love walking into work each day not knowing who I will meet and what we will do that day. I do know that I will make a difference and create a lasting connection with all my guests.

Dowell, Lydia.JPEG


My art is my safe place and my feeling of happiness. The world around us can feel overwhelming and unkind but in my salon chair I can meld together creativity and serving people. Nothing compares to that moment when we nail that perfect look for them and their whole being becomes happier and...

Jacobs, Pelham.JPG


In the journey to find ourselves we must cross the path of certain people to find our best selves. I believe I am connected to my guests to bring my art to their journey. The moment that you are in my chair is our time to create happiness together.


American Tobacco Campus Nail Therapists

Chang, Janine.jpg

Skin Therapist - Marketing Team

My goal is to take a moment of skincare and transform that into a lifestyle change. Together with my guests we create and nurture a beauty focused lifestyle change that fits your everyday routine. With open conversations, exchange of knowledge, positivity and healing we find your best self.


American Tobacco Campus Massage Therapists

Miketa, Josey.JPEG

Massage Therapist

I step into each day with a desire to help and it starts from the moment I wake up. Massage has helped me to find my inner peace. It has created a need in me for acquiring more knowledge of healing techniques that I can customize for my guest. With a plan in place, we can improve their health...


American Tobacco Campus Guest Service Experts

Bascom, Cathy Location Manager.JPEG

Guest Service Expert - American Tobacco Director

I have found a second home behind the desk in the beauty industry after 30 years of being behind the chair. I am grateful to have found a way to continue my passion for talking care of people. The community we have in Downtown Durham and with our guests is special to me. The fact that I can...


American Tobacco Campus Leadership Team

Richardson, Emily.jpg

General Manager

Maintaining my Mom’s legacy of helping our community and providing a place where beauty professionals can have a successful career is at the core of why I love my career. Unfortunately, I don’t have a talent of creating beauty with my hands, but it is my goal to help my staff become the best...

Kendall, Tim.jpg

Finance Director

If Oz has the man behind the curtain, then Bella has the man behind the computer and that’s me. I never thought my love for spreadsheets and numbers would find me a home and family in the beauty industry, but I could not be happier. You might see me pop up to fix a computer or answer a...